Vision for Growth


C.S. Lewis College is a non-accredited nonprofit organization, incorporated in the State of California.

We currently host a variety of noncredit-bearing educational programming and events at the college level while offering resources for students, teachers, and the general public.

The long term plan for C.S. Lewis College is that it will develop into an accredited, four-year residential college of the Great Books and the Visual and Performing Arts.In addition to the undergraduate program, we also plan to offer several Master’s degrees, as circumstances permit.

Rooted in the historic Christian faith, the College will be inclusive of Christians of all traditions, representing the center of Christianity without specific affiliation to any single denomination.

As a Great Books college, C.S. Lewis College will have a curriculum that is grounded in classic primary sources of western and non-western thought.

We are currently in the early planning stages of commencing College operations with a low-residency Master of Arts in Humanities degree program. As this planning unfolds, we are exploring the possibility of collaborating on this degree program with the Education Revolution movement headed by Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi, who is a Trustee of both the C.S. Lewis Foundation and C.S. Lewis College. 

For a brief sketch of this degree program, see the concluding section of the document linked just below. This document is Ch. 10, “C.S. Lewis College: Responding to the Secular Challenge,” authored by Gayne John Anacker and David M. Bastedo.  (Dr. Anacker is a Trustee of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, and Prof. Bastedo is President of C.S. Lewis College.) 

This chapter is part of the volume The Third Education Revolution: Home School to Church College, Vishal Mangalwadi and David Marshall (forthcoming). The chapter is linked here:


Students will learn primarily by engaging faculty and other students in vibrant and collegial analysis and discussion of the Great Books. This will equip students not only with a wide knowledge of a multitude of subjects, but also with the oral and written communication skills to interact meaningfully with the world around them.

The College’s commitment to the visual and performing arts will round out an educational program that ultimately prepares students to engage the whole culture in meaningful ways.

While students need not be professing Christians to be admitted to C.S. Lewis College, the College’s Christian foundation will be proudly maintained.


Faculty, selected for their scholarly background and achievements, will be committed to serving as tutors and fellow learners in an academic environment that is constantly mining the depths of the great thinkers who have shaped civilization.

Faculty members will commonly hold a core commitment to a Christian world view and the development of moral and spiritual values.

Future Growth

Those who invest in the future growth of C.S. Lewis College will participate in one of the significant developments in 21st century American higher education. We invite you to consider joining us on this journey as we establish a truly unique college  that promises to provide a significant voice for Christ within the American academy in the 21st Century.