Grand Canyon University Turns Down Offer of Northfield Campus

Dear Founder Friends,

Greetings from the home front! As you know, notwithstanding the disappointing developments that have surrounded the Northfield campus, relating to Hobby Lobby’s decision to gift the campus to Grand Canyon University, we have not retreated from our vision to launch C.S. Lewis College wherever and whenever God directs. In continued anticipation of this, I am pleased to report that we have just recently incorporated the College in the State of California. Further, in continued anticipation of our hope to find our home in the Five College region of the Pioneer Valley, we have also filed to register C.S. Lewis College with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

All this said, I am writing to inform you (as some of you may have already heard) that news has just broken concerning the fact that, after due consideration, Grand Canyon has, for a variety of reasons, decided to decline Hobby Lobby’s gift of the Northfield campus.   For more information, you may link to the following article which just appeared in Christianity Today:

As we have noted on many occasions, our hearts and minds have, from the very outset, been deeply moved by a sense of calling to Northfield, and in this we have not wavered, even while actively exploring other options. Our prayer has been only that God might lead us in reaching our ultimate campus home. For the present, it appears a glimmer of light may have returned to the Northfield option.

In the interest of all, we would encourage you to join us in prayer for all concerned: for the Green family and Hobby Lobby as they seek to find the right candidate for the property; for the Town of Northfield; and for the C.S. Lewis Foundation, that we might find the resources needed to achieve our goal, preferably sooner rather than later!

Further up and further in!

J. Stanley Mattson
President & Founder
C.S. Lewis Foundation

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